Marina Policies

SCYC Marina Rules and Policies

Dockage:  SCYC cannot guarantee a particular slip, even with a reservation.  However, we will do our best to accommodate requests.  Dockage may be at either our South Dock (the main dock) or our North Dock (the fuel dock).  Dockage Rates are based on the length of the vessel including swim platform and bow spread, not the length of the vessel at the waterline.  Rates do not change if part of a vessel extends beyond the end of the dock.  Rafted boats (if permitted by management) do not receive discounted rates.

Day Trips:  If you leave the dock for a day trip, and return later, you may or may not have exactly the same slip.  In this instance, dock hands will assist with movement of lines, fenders, new water/electric readings, etc.   As out docks are “side-to” rather than back-in slips, changes in arrivals and departures involving yachts of different sizes sometimes necessitate such slip changes.

Changing slips while staying in the marina:  Again, due to the “side-to” nature of our marina, sometimes we must ask a marina customer to shift to a different slip.   This is done only so that we can accommodate other customers and all efforts are made to minimize such moves.   But sometimes they are necessary and our dock hands will assist in this instance to minimize the inconvenience.

Weather:  Because SCYC docks are exposed to the west, it may become necessary to vacate the docks in the event of strong west/northwest winds.   Management will do its best to give notice when this is forecast.  For your convenience, SCYC posts Chris Parker’s 3-4 day weather forecast in the clubhouse every day (except Sunday).  We also post the Windfinder forecast.   Please ask at the bar if you do not see that day’s forecasts posted.

Electric Charges:  Electricity is metered. If a reading is not taken at the time of tie up and plug-in, you will be billed at the prevailing, minimum daily rates depending on the size of the plug, and the phase of the power.  Three-phase power will be billed at a 30% premium over the prevailing single-phase flat rate.  In the case where a meter has malfunctioned and not advanced, the flat daily rate will also apply.  Electricity rates (per kwh) may change without notice.

Late Check-outs:  Check-out time is 11 a.m.   Check-in time is 2 p.m.   Late check-outs, are sometimes but not always possible, AND must be approved in advance by management.   Late checkouts, if approved, are billed another day dockage.

Water Charges:  Our water is metered.  Please make sure a dock hand takes a beginning reading before you use water.  All water is purified by an on-site Watermakers, Inc desalination plant and ozonated.   It is never mingled with rainwater, well water, or any other source of water.

Garbage:  Trash charges are $6/bag (+tax). All trash should be put in the designated trailer behind the clubhouse.  Please DO NOT leave trash bags in any other area on the dock or property.   Please alert our staff as to the number of bags you dispose of so that the applicable charges can be billed.

Fishing:  Absolutely no fishing is permitted in the marina area … either from the dock or from vessels tied to the dock.  The nurse sharks are pets.  Any person or vessel seen harassing them will be asked to leave. Please note: by Bahamian law, nothing may be taken from the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park waters and this includes fishing of any kind. All guests are responsible for knowing Bahamian fishing regulations (click here for more information).

Music:  Loud music is not permitted at the marina (or anywhere on SCYC property).  Music played at a low level is fine.  As a rule, music is defined as “too loud” if your neighbors can a) hear it and/or b) might possibly be bothered by it.

Damage to Dock:  Any damage to the docks caused by a vessel will be the responsibility of the vessel involved.   If tide or weather conditions are questionable, it is the captain’s responsibility to make this determination.  Damage to the facility will be charged to the boat which causes the damage at local replacement cost.

Damage to Vessels while docking or while docked:  SCYC is never responsible for damage that occurs to Vessels or tenders while docked or in the process of docking.   Among other factors, strong current and changing winds can cause fenders to shift.  Also, unpredictable changes in wind direction might cause rough conditions at the dock.   Broken planks, protruding bolts, etc. (while addressed by our staff as soon as we see the issue) can periodically present a hazard to gelcoats and rubrails.  It is the responsibility of the captain of the vessel to check for such hazards and make the necessary adjustments in handling or securing the vessel such as to avoid them.  Adjustments to lines and fenders are often necessary during the course of any stay and should be checked frequently.

Grilling:   Grilling on the North Dock (fuel dock) is not permitted, either on board or on the dock itself.   Grilling on your boat on the South Dock (main dock) is permitted, provided that the smoke is not a nuisance to neighbors.  If you grill, please monitor wind conditions and be considerate of your neighbors and very conscious of any tenders/gasoline nearby.

Drone Use:  Due to privacy and safety concerns, drone use is strictly prohibited anywhere on and around the property and docks at SCYC.  By law, use of drones anywhere in the Bahamas requires a special permit and registration with Bahamas Civil Aviation. See Bahamas drone policy BASR Schedule 27 for more information.

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